A Homeschool Educational Model With an Emphasis On Dedication to The Child

Our approach to accelerated education is based on a homeschool educational model, not a classroom model. Research has shown that a parent who is dedicated and engaged in their children's education is key to their success.

We Keep the "Home" in Homeschooling

Jones Geniuses has no intention of taking the "home" out of homeschooling. In a classroom model, students are required to attend class everyday. In our model it's assumed that you are in charge of teaching the educational process at home. With notable exceptions, most children are not mature and experienced enough to self-administer these programs effectively themselves. Therefore, it's important for you to present, monitor, administer and tutor the program. When you take part in the program alongside your children, this guarantees their success. In addition, we've seen the best results when you take it upon yourself to master all the concepts presented.

If your child is using our math kit in conjunction with one of our online classes, you'll also need to attend the class whenever possible in order to understand the materials and methods used to administer the classes.

Equal Responsibility for Guaranteed Success

The responsibility for success rests equally with you, your child and our programs:

  • You need to learn how to present and administer the program.
  • The pupil needs to commit a minimum of one hour a day for practice in mastering the skills presented.
  • Jones Geniuses presents a curriculum that makes accelerated learning for homeschoolers as simple and effective as possible. We commit to improving our programs on an on-going basis.