Which Jones Geniuses Accelerated Learning Math Curriculum is the Best Choice to Start With?

math curriculum

One of the most important differences between accelerated learning and traditional learning is that in accelerated learning each child begins learning at his or her own particular skill level, regardless of age. That means that your children will be learning what is appropriate and necessary in order to build a solid foundation of skills. In accelerated math curriculum, the most basic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division must be mastered first. In language and reading, these most basic skills are called phonics. Only after a student has achieved proficient mastery of one set of skills should he or she move on to the next.

In this way, as your children progress to more complicated skills, like algebra, there are not any "holes" in their existing mathematical knowledge. They will be able to understand and implement the higher level skills without difficulty.

So how do you know which math curriculum is right for your child? That depends on where your child at in their basic skills, how old they are, and what their learning style is. You can find out which curriculum is best by following these steps:

  • Download and print the Math Assessment Worksheet.
  • Find a quiet place where your child can focus. Follow the instructions included in the worksheet for presenting the test and have your child take it.
  • Score the test then use the guidelines on the worksheet to determine your child's starting level and Math Kit most appropriate for that level.
  • Go to our Products section to select your child's math curriculum Kit.

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