How Jones Geniuses Online Math Courses Work

Jones Geniuses online math courses are interactive: The teacher and students communicate with each other live using video, voice and written chat. Watch the short video below to get a better sense of how JG Online Classes work.

Each of our teachers have their own unique method of teaching, but there are common tools that most of them use:

Desktop Sharing:

The students can see what the teacher has on his or her computer screen. With this tool, the teacher can show worksheets, pages from the electronic version of the text, the cyber campus and anything else that is on their desktop.

Voice Chat:

Our math courses are taught in real-time voice chat. The students can simultaneously hear the teacher and see what he or she is writing on the whiteboard or showing on the desktop. The teacher can also give any one of the students permission to speak to the class, as long as the student has access to a working microphone.

File Sharing:

If one of our students is missing a worksheet that they need during class, our teachers can instantly send an electronic version to them to use. In order to keep track of our students' progress on their daily homework, each student also has an individual internet-based progress profile that they update each day. These progress profiles can be accessed at any time by student, parent or teacher and are continuously updated so that the teacher always knows how each student is progressing in their class.


Our teachers can illustrate problems and concepts on the board, just as if they were in a traditional classroom. This is done by using the mouse or a special electronic pen and tablet, which transfer the teacher's writing to the computer. The teacher can also give any one of the students permission to answer the problem on the board by transferring access to them. It's literally as if the student were standing at the board in the classroom writing for the class to see!

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