Our Partners

Mercury Learning Systems LLC

They are the foremost providers of accelerated learning information and materials for children of all ages. It doesn't matter at what level of development your child is at, they have what you need for them to exceed your highest expectations.

Their products enhance cognitive development in young children including language comprehension, early reading, rapid math, instant memory, encyclopedic knowledge, and more. They are built on the research of Glenn Doman, Dr. Makoto Shichida, Dr. Maria Montessori, Colin Rose and other child developmental and educational experts from around the world.

Mercury Learning Systems carries hundreds of accelerating learning products including those produced by Jones Geniuses. They also have a very popular subscription program which provies a great way to extend your child's learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Brill Kids Early Learning Systems

"We strongly believe in the importance of early learning and believe that we, as parents, can do a great deal to help our children fulfill their innate potential, while also ensuring that the learning process remains fun for both parent and child.

We are such passionate believers in the benefits of early learning that one of our key aims is to give every parent and child in the world the chance to enjoy our products, regardless of their background, socio-economic status and ability to pay. So, for example, our member loyalty point system gives less affluent families alternative ways to acquire our products and services - such as by becoming a contributor to the community.

Furthermore, it is our aim to provide our learning products in as many languages as possible, including minority languages, and to eventually work with rural communities on a pro bono basis to give children in need a head start."