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Children's Accelerated Education, Products and Resources for Children of Any Age

Welcome to Dr. Jones children's accelerated education. We are excited to offer you the most advanced rapid math, reading and memory materials available. They were built on over 35 years of research and development by respected international accelerated learning specialist Dr. Miles Jones, founder of the Institute for Accelerated Learning. They have been used in classroom settings since 1994 where they attracted the attention of several media outlets for the amazing results accomplished by students taking Dr. Jones' courses. The incredible mastery and skills children gained has not been paralleled in any other school setting.

Jones Geniuses Mathematics Curriculum Teaches Your Child to Solve Complex Math Equations Faster Than a Calculator

We have eight levels of children's accelerated education math curriculum. It starts your preschool children in basic mathematics, where they learn the dot matrix method and develop the ability to add and subtract numbers at a rapid pace. When they advance, they are soon solving complex math equations almost instantly. We also offer complete instructor-led courses, where your child can join others in an online learning environment.

Watch the video below featuring students of Jones Geniuses defeat several college math professors in a challenging math competition.

Premier Products Based on Advanced Children's Accelerated Education

You won't find more researched and proven methods of rapidly developing your child's math, reading and memory skills than here at Jones Geniuses. Since 1994, Dr. Jones has taught hundreds of young children in classroom, homeschool and online settings. After taking his courses, many students graduated by skipping two grades. His learning methods insure your child learns three to five times faster than normal school.

Join us for an unforgettable experience. Dr. Jones and his team have spent many years perfecting the Jones Geniuses programs so that your children can have the greatest benefits using them. Welcome to our family - the Jones Geniuses Family!